HCG for weight loss: Injection Vs Drops

The administration of HCG for most of the people who intend to use it for weight loss is mainly through injection or drops. The drops are usually administered by dropping a solution below the tongue as prescribed by the doctor. The injection is injected into the blood stream. There have been a lot of contention about which of the two methods is more effective than the other. In a summary both of them have been used effectively for some people.


healthy lifestyle choicesHow it works

The way that the HCG works is by ensuring that the body in place in a condition that it is forced to break its own fats in order to provide energy that is needed for the body. This hormone that is used is the one that is usually present in the placenta and allows the mother to be able to breakdown the nutrients within the placenta for the fetus. During the process of the administration of this hormone individuals are usually placed under some kind of calorie-restricted diet that is limited to protein and low fat food. This usually ensures that the body will automatically start breaking the fats in the body, thus reducing the weight of the person.

The conditions of the HCG diet

As part of the program that is usually required to ensure that you are on your way to reduce the daily consumption of calories from the normal recommendation of 2000 calories to 500 calories. This is done by ensuring that you take a diet that has only protein and some recommended vitamin supplements.

The supplements are usually vitamin B12 and are usually used as to ensure that you remain in good health during the process. This usually takes several weeks to be able to achieve the desire results. This is an exercise that ensures that your body is able to adapt to that consumption and will later on allow you to have control of your weight before it gets out of hand.

Drops HCG administration

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This is usually done by dropping some prescribed amount of the hcg diet drops beneath the tongue and swallowing. This hormone will first go to the stomach before it gets into the blood stream. In the long run it will have the effect of reducing weight by working with the same principle. There has been contention on whether it is one of the best ways that can be used to lose weight. This is because of the enzymes that they are likely to encounter in the stomach. These enzymes may usually convert the HCG into amino acids. This means that the bonds that were essential in weight reduction is limited or almost non-existent. This method sometimes may be challenging for some individuals. However with proper medical advice you will know how suitable it will be for you.

onions are healthyInjection HCG prescription

This is usually done by injecting the prescribe HCG directly into the blood stream and start the process of sliming soon enough. Most of the medical practitioners usually prefer this method over the drops because it is deemed to be working faster than the drops. This is usually done within the programs and also followed up with the calorie restricted diet to ensure that there is balance between the fat that is burned and that which is consumed. It is also advised that one limits that cream and lotions that are used in the skin and can be absorbed. This means that you will have to starve your body of fat at least for some weeks to get the desired results.


Whether it is the drops or the injection it is always advised that you visit a doctor to get the perfect prescription that is usually done after several tests are done to ensure that you are safe. It is also important for the vegetarians to ensure that they get good alternatives for protein replacement like taking extra amount of milk. This is because protein is essential for the body.

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