How essential are personal trainer courses?

There are various paths that you can take on your journey towards becoming a personal trainer.  Certification and post secondary personal trainer courses are most common path.  These days, certification is important although it has not always been mandatory for anyone to be a personal trainer. Most of the employers have policies that require personal trainers to be certified.  Moreover, certification is beneficial to freelance trainers who rely on word of mouth and reputation to find new business.

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Formal Education

In the past, education background was not much of an issue for personal trainers. What mattered most were their skills. Thing have changed. Most fitness centers and even other organizations now require candidates to have fitness or health focused bachelor’s degree. However professional certification at times can be substituted. These common courses for personal trainers are nutrition, kinesiology and exercise physiology.

Students might also complete fitness assessments and also learn rehabilitation techniques that help clients to recover from clients.

Personal Trainer Certification

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Trainers can get certification through numerous professional associations that are dedicated to fitness and closely related areas. Good examples are The International Sport Sciences or American College of Sports medicine. Those who enroll are generally required to have certificate of proficiency in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Qualified candidates must complete training requirements and certification exam that is set by respective accrediting organization.  When these professionals are certified, they are required to maintain their credentials by completing continuing educational requirements.

 Personal training career

If you choose to go for personal trainer courses, you will expect to make a career out of it.  Personal training involves meeting with clients personally or in a small group to help them in determining, executing and achieving physical fitness goals. They guide their clients to use weight and cardiovascular machines. They also act as spotters for their clients using free weight. When clients are training, physical trainers offer verbal motivation to help them reach their goals. Some trainers specialize in certain forms of fitness like yoga. They provide personalized instructions to clients who want to learn about or increase their knowledge in specific forms of fitness.

personal trainer assistPersonal trainer job description and duties 

Most personal trainers work at gyms and fitness centers. The spend most of their time interacting with clients at the office or on the gym floor during training sessions.  A personal trainer can train one person or a group. Working in gym does not necessarily mean getting employment. You can even start your own.

Success tips for personal trainers 

For a personal trainer to succeed, it is essential to know what a client wants to gain   by working out such as gaining muscle mass or lose weight.  It is essential for personal trainer to meet with a client before beginning to work out to discuss fitness goals and training schedule. It is also the duty of a fitness trainer to take a client for a tour of the gym facilities and demonstrate some of workouts.  During this initial meeting, a trainer might also inform a client about personal training charges and discuss payment plans.  When everything is sorted out on the first day, training for rest of days is more likely to be trouble free.

To   help clients reach their goals, it is important that a personal trainer devises a customized plan for clients depending on the goals. The plans include weight lifting exercises. During training session, it is important for trainers to observe the way clients perform exercises and make sure they do it correctly. A good trainer will also give diet and lifestyle suggestions if it has relevance to fitness plan.

Future Career outlook

 Job opportunities for fitness training    and instruction are expected to increase all over the world as people are more concerned about maintaining fitness of bodies.  People who have certifications after completing personal trainer courses now have better chances to clinch well paying jobs. For instance in United States, Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted personal fitness jobs will increase by 13 per cent up to 2022.