How bicycling improves your life and health

General Overview

Diseases like arthritis, diabetes, obesity and mental illnesses are always attributed to lack of exercise. While there are so many ways of exercising your body, bicycling has proven to be the best. It is fun and accommodates people of all ages. It also allows you to merge your daily routines with your fitness exercise as you cycle your way to work, visit a friend or shop for different items.

roadside bicycling

Why is bicycling the best form of body exercise

Setting aside few hours every week to do your workouts is known to the best solution to a healthy and fit body. While other forms of exercise are known to cause undesirable injuries, bicycling is outstanding as it is beautifully designed to reduce body impact as you cycle yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

Since it involves all the major body muscles including the arms and legs, you are able to experience maximum benefits from this form of exercise.

Almost everyone knows how to ride a bicycle due to the fact that it does not need any extra-ordinary physical strength to operate. It is therefore the most convenient workout tool for health and fitness exercises.

Bicycling is not just good for aerobic fitness since it also increases a person’s strength and stamina. You can experience this as you steadily increase the intensity of your workout at your own pace.

It is also time efficient as you don’t have to be stuck in one place for hours in the name of performing body workouts. You can experience its health benefits while on your daily routine.

Cycling assures you of a fun-filled workout as you cycle your way up and down hills. It motivates you do your body fitness exercises everyday just for the fun of it. In long beach? Rent a road bike in Long Beach with Synaptic Cycles

Health Benefits from Cycling

The aerobic exercises you get from cycling means that your vital organs offride healthy fun which include the heart and lugs are kept in check. The health benefits of bicycling therefore are:


  • Development of muscles: Since all the major muscles are involved, you are sure of an improvement of all body muscles.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: your heart is the most vital organ of your body and therefore requires this type of exercise.
  • Reduced body fat: with increased bicycling, body fat is converted to energy, which is good for those having issues with their weight such as in cases of obesity.
  • Improved mental health: Cycling removes your mind from all the stressful issues that might be disturbing you as you get to concentrate on your workout and relax your mind. You are therefore relieved from unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Improved body stamina: To be a cyclist, you need to coordinate different body parts so as to gain balance.
  • Alleviation of joint pains and better mobility: Joint movement while cycling means that they are constantly worked on and this is important for the prevention of arthritis and improvement of body mobility, better posture and stronger bones.
  • Disease prevention and management: Arthritis, lung and cardiovascular diseases are some of the conditions that are managed by cycling.

Is there any alternative for amputees?

Although most amputees cannot use bicycles, there are special tricycles designed for them. Tricycles are peddled using hands instead of legs. With ergonomics being considered in their design, tricycles allow for good hand grip and coordinated body movement. Amputees are therefore able to achieve all the health benefits that are enjoyed by those on bicycles. Other cyclists who can benefit from this include patients recovering from strokes and other serious body injuries that might have affected their body coordination and movement.

Ways of achieving maximum health benefits from cycling

While cycling, you don’t want to experience the strains, sprains or other injuries commonly experienced with other fitness tools. You therefore need to ensure that your bicycle is well maintained and fitted with the necessary accessories to handle different surfaces you ride it on.

Just like any other reputable body fitness exercise, cycling will offer you maximum health benefits if you increase its use. Try different terrains and see how comfortable you are cycling around obstacles. Try peddling both fast and slow for aerobic benefits. You will be able to enjoy such flexibilities if you have a well maintained bicycle.