Which exercises to look sexy in a dress

  Which exercises to look sexy in a dress




A girl is defined by the dress. No matter the legging and trouser for the ladies trends, a nice looking lady on a dress remains to be the best. The unfortunate bit is that not all ladies get to fit perfectly inside their dream dresses. Just when they thought that they have achieved in beauty, it doesn’t come out right. The results are admiring the nice dresses at window shops without making an attempt to buy for the outlook will not be nice. However, maybe you haven’t tried enough yet. Your body is not fixed to the shape it is right now. You can carry out some twists that are natural to change to the dress type body. Developing feminine curves, working out the shoulders, the thighs, the butts, the legs and the rest of the body should be the objective. Several exercises will help you achieve that. Check them out hereof.


Ladies don’t have to engage in intensive workouts to build sexy bodies. All they need is simple exercises but adopt consistency. So many of such simple workouts for the ladies do exist. However the choice you make will differ with what type of a dress you want to fit you perfectly. As a matter of fact, dresses have their many denominations. There are short dresses, shoulder open, thigh high split and other types. For the best fitting dress, discover your own style.

  • Squats

It’s so common that many may disregard it. It’s however one of the best for dress bodies. You don’t have to be in the gym to do these simple exercises. With legs apart, place your arms in one position probably stretching straight to the front. You can then move sideways slowly so that the entire body weight shifts to one leg fully to the bottom. Don’t rush to get back to the top. Lift the weight slowly as well back to the normal position. Then shift to the opposite side and repeat the same. You will be working out the butts, the hamstrings as well as the thighs. These are crucial body parts that determine whether a dress is for you or not. If you are in love with the thigh high split kind of dresses, this is the workout for you.

  • Stability twists

You will need a workout ball here. But that should not be a problem if at all you want to look good in a dress. In the life of a lady, beauty is everything that creates the difference between repute and failure. Even if that seems false, ladies know it from deep their hearts. Once you have the ball with you, sit on it and adopt a flat position knees being at an angle of 90 degrees. Spread the legs and extend the arms to reach out to the floor. This simple exercise will work out the core, the oblique and the abs which are all necessary for perfectly fitting midriff dress.


  • Dumbbell press

Lifting dumbbell and weights is not something you will avoid whether being a lady or a man in the gym. The good news is that they work for all, and you don’t have to lift the heavy ones. With light dumbbell, stand upright and keep lifting the weights up and down. You will simply workout the core, he arms and the shoulder. If you like the shoulder cutout kind of dresses, you will enjoy the benefit of a fabulous look in it once you are done with repetitive press workout.

  • Ball pushups

This exercise tests your balance. Instead of pushups on the floor, go for a flexible ball to maintain balance. Hold the ball tightly and spread out the legs. You can even do some kickbacks at the same time as you carry on with pushups. The chest, the arms and the abs will be fully worked out if you do repeat the exercise enough times. Lovers of front keyhole types of dress are encouraged to prefer this workout more.

The sprinter pull is the other workout that helps keep the thighs, the hamstrings and the calves at their best shapes. For mid-calf dress lovers, the sprinter pull is perfect.

So many other exercises can still work if at all there is consistency and there are targeted parts. Believe in whatever exercise you are training with and keep the fire burning.